About Harvey Siskind

Harvey Siskind LLP, a 12-year-old San Francisco law firm, focuses its litigation and counseling practice on intellectual property. Serving clients in businesses ranging from entertainment to manufacturing to high technology to electronic commerce, the company has litigated numerous types of intellectual property and commercial disputes. A small law office offering personal service to its clients, Harvey Siskind boasts a strong track record in court, usually litigating against much larger firms.

In the area of transactional law, Harvey Siskind LLP has represented clothing manufacturers, designers of computer games, winemakers, and clients in several other industries. The firm negotiates licenses, distribution agreements, and publicity rights worldwide, working with clients of all sizes. Harvey Siskind lawyers always work hard to make sure that every client taken on will want to stay for the long term.

Harvey Siskind attorneys draw on a variety of backgrounds. Its founding partners came from large law firms in San Francisco and possess experience in cases that cover international licensing disputes, trademark infringement, and first amendment rights. One of them served as U.S. Special Counsel for Immigration Related Unfair Employment Practices under President Reagan. The firm’s other partners have worked on commercial transactions, privacy issues, and lawsuits related to print media and electronic media. The Harvey Siskind associate-level attorneys have experience in e-commerce law, contract drafting, and various aspects of intellectual property law. Harvey Siskind LLP is located on the 39th floor of Four Embarcadero Center in San Francisco. To learn more about the firm and its team, visit http://www.harveysiskind.com.


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